Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The rage returns

Having been pootling peacefully through Barnes with S and then being off sick I have, thankfully, been able to avoid the Uxbridge Road for around a week.

This morning, I was cut up by cyclists and cars, left-hooked by a complete idiot even though we had been waiting at lights and I'd been there first, and caught in really bad traffic.

I arrived at work hot and grumpy.

It's amazing how the route can affect your mood and enjoyment. I may well switch to the route via Barnes permanently as I don't like how the Uxbridge Road makes me feel. Grrrrrr


  1. Bad luck. I managed to get cut off twice yesterday - once by an old lady who drove out in front of me while I was doing 45 km/h and the other time by a guy who just pulled out in front of me without even looking in my direction. Have to be so vigilant.

  2. I so resent it though. Having been gleefully pootling for a couple of weeks it was a horrible and smoggy shock.

  3. Yup the Uxbridge Road sucks. I try and avoid most of it by going through side roads but some parts are unavoidable...on the other hand...whilst going through the bit at the end of Shepherds Bush (end of park heading into Acton bit)...I saw a massive bitch fight...A group of girls/women (well one of them had a pram!) really going for it beating the crap out of eachother...
    and what did everyone else do? Stand around and watch...pah!