Monday, 12 April 2010

I'm back

So, after a lovely few days off seeing American A and small bebe who is now walking and almost talking I'm back at work and, therefore, a computer.

In amongst the visiting for various foodie places and the animal park near my house I cycled to Borehamwood to see my grandpa. He recently gave up cycling (he's now in his mid-eighties) and has already passed on his overshoes to me. An avid tourer back in the day I cycled the near 20 miles to his house to check he was ok as my grandma was away soaking up the sun in Tenerife or somewhere similar.

Of course, what this really meant is that I rang him to admit I got lost a couple of times and he greeted me with a full fried breakfast and a Mars bar for the journey home as he knew I'd be starving. And I was. After scoffing the lot in record time we had a nice chat and sit-down with cat Benny.

We pulled out the map books to see where I'd gone wrong and planned my route to London. I pretty much used the Edgware Road, walking over the roundabout at Staples corner and met American A for delicious Wahaca and LOTS of water.

After all this I was pretty exhausted and decided to hop on a train from Paddington to get home. Still, 40 miles in a day isn't bad.

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