Thursday, 29 October 2009


Yes, tis the season for the sniffles, tralalalala lala la laaaaah!

I have succumbed to a nasty cold that Mr Weenie had last week. All it does is make me feel a bit hazy, encourage snot and makes me very hot.

Mr Weenie did ask whether I'd rather take the bus to work but when you already feel feverish and rough, the last thing I want to do is climb into a hot metal box on wheels filled with other ill people who will cough and sneeze all over me. Plus, even though it's October I've been wearing naught but a short-sleeved jersey on some commutes because I'm getting so hot. It's cut down the laundry significantly.

No no, I'd much rather sail through the crisp, cool autumn air, pootling if necessary.

A down side is that I have to pull over when I sneeze. I may be a lady but I'm very much of the Watchoooooo! variety when it comes to sneezing. The last time I sneezed while riding I was, fortunately, on an empty road as I didn't feel it coming and the sheer force of it made me swerve indecorously across two lanes.

Yesterday and today I had to pull over on my way to work as I felt that familiar tingle that heralded a whopper. What makes me laugh about myself is even then I felt the need to say 'Excuse me!' in an overly polite fashion.

See, large sneezes don't make you a tramp, I'm still a lady.


  1. The way I look at it is if I'm too ill to commute by bike I'm too ill to work!

  2. My thoughts exactly. There's nothing to clear your sinuses like exercise.