Friday, 16 October 2009

A lovely morning

Last night I headed to Evans for the second round of leggings-gate.

I'd ordered in the XL Gore Wear ones and went to try them on. They fit. Like a dream. And are so comfy I could wear them forever. How annoying.

I was, in my heart of hearts, hoping that they'd be way too big but the XL fit like a glove. The fabric's so posh it feels like I'm naked and I have to keep looking down to check that I'm not. The panelling means the fabric is snug without pulling and there's so much ergonomic padding I feel like I'm sitting on a cushion. Mmmmmmmm

S and I set off and secretly I was hoping we'd escape without incident. Yesterday, her first day back after a nasty cough and cold, was horrendous. Solid traffic, a vicious left hook by an insane 4x4 BMW that would have left even the hardest lycra loony shaken and various nobbers on the road.

This morning was a dream. Very little traffic, whole stretches where we could pull out into the right lane with no one behind us and we beat the rain to make it into work dry. We also helped a fellow cyclist on a delicious looking Tricross who needed to borrow a pump. Then to top it off the lovely A2 met us in the coffee shop for a natter as we headed in to park up.

Lovely lovely.


  1. Glad you found the right leggings. For the record, Minx is a GENIUS online retailer who sells lots of larger sizes (I too am a size 14 on my backside). The Altura ones are not bad. The Pearl Izumi ones assume you have legs the length of a super model.
    I did not get on with the Terry ones at all, however - the padding just seems to all be in the wrong place and instead of protecting, adds additional compression to my undercarriage. Not advised.

  2. Pearl Azumi are an XL on top for me because of boobs (I have some) but I may check out the leg wear if it's long.