Saturday, 24 October 2009

Clubbing by bike

Some people think I'm mental but I'm seriously thinking about taking Reg clubbing.

Basically I'm going out for a mate's birthday in central London and getting home by public transport late at night could take me upwards of two hours. By bike it'd take about an hour.

I'm not a big drinker so the prospect of not drinking a lot doesn't faze me and I'd rather bike door to door than have to walk home from the night bus stop alone late at night.

The rain may prevent me from carrying out my dastardly plan but if it doesn't am I mad?


  1. Makes sense to me, you can have the odd drink and ride as well!

  2. as long as you don't have too much to drink. remember it is the same as driving with too much drink. london is lovely at away!

  3. not mad... but I would try to find a friend to cycle home with. More fun, more safe.

  4. I'd say no. don't do it. Sorry.

    Not because you wouldn't be a safe cyclist, but because after midnight you get
    a) many many crazy minicab drivers all driving too fast to drop people off and go get another fare
    b) bored / tired nightbus drivers
    c) odd / scary people lunging at you at the lights
    d) drunken, unpredictable pedestrians.

    Can you tell I've tried it?

    Get a cab. Addison lee are ace.