Thursday, 22 October 2009

BoJo baby get with the programme....

One of my readers met the straw-haired one!

Now I was never a fan of Ken Livingstone, his tram plans and slimy demeanor put me off somewhat. My paperwork was lost so I didn't get to vote in the mayoral election but I often wonder if I'd have voted for Boris Johnson. He's in now, and the fact he's a cyclist is good.

The fact that he's the Tory flagship and will be guided every step of the way by advisers so he doesn't cock it up for the party when they go for the big general election is, in my opinion, also good.

I was horribly disappointed therefore to learn that his solution for women being killed by lorries is that we need to fight our way to the front more. Sigh.

Tory thinks women are ninnies, the cliche is spectacular. Perhaps Mr Johnson would like to come on my commute with me one day and decide whether my decision to hang back from enormous articulated lorries is sensible or silly.....


  1. I did think 'oh great a cycling Mayor' and hurrah BoJo and all, but actually when you think about it, the reason we even have any cycle lanes or any form of cycling infrastructure at all, and things like the Freewheel, is actually because of Red Ken. Unfortunately he put in all the work and now BoJo is taking all the credit!

  2. Can't. Say. Nice. Things. About. Red Ken. But. Must....... Aaaaaaaaargh