Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Why I'm reporting you...

When I overtook you I was halfway up when you decided to pull out and nearly hit me. Then you trapped me on your right side at the lights. That's not why I reported you.

When you finally let me get onto the left and into the cycle lane a large bin lorry was blocking the lane. I signalled I was pulling out round it but you refused to let me out and nearly ran me into the lorry when you accelerated past me so I definitely couldn't pull out. That's not why I reported you.

I overtook you while you were at the next bus stop. Then the light was red so I took primary position in the traffic queue and you were behind me. You crept your bus forward until you were less that half a metre from my back wheel and when I turned round to check how close you were you smirked. That's not why I reported you.

At the next set of lights you accelerated past me and cut me up while entering the cycle lane. That's not why I reported you.

I overtook you again at the next stop and got far ahead. I stopped at a light and asked the motorbike driver who roared up how far behind me you were and were you at a stop. I decided that if you were anything less than half a mile behind me I would take a different route to avoid you because I was feeling uneasy and more than a bit frightened. That's why I reported you.


  1. Bus drivers should have a week of cycling as part of their training. Glad to hear you are safe.

  2. Bravo for actually reporting him. I think if cyclists reported bus and taxi drivers more often, they might think twice before behaving so irresponsibly.