Friday, 23 October 2009

Moomin: my hero

So there I was all worried I had nothing to blog about when a text came in on my phone:

'Ohmigod! Was sailing down Argyle rd feeling smug when back brake unscrewed itself. Fortunately only doing moominspeed or would have been serious A over T* situation! x'

Argyle Road is a massively speedy hill near my parents which has just been resurfaced so is slick and I can easily hit more than 20mph down it. Moomin's steel lady-bike is very heavy and the weight means it can also pick up speed. At the bottom of the hill is a busy roundabout linking traffic to the main route onto the A40!

My hearts beating wildly and although I've rung her her phone's off so I can't find out how on earth she stopped. I would have been terrified! I love the fact that she's obviously found it all hilarious. What a hero. When I get more details I shall duly post them!

*Arse over Tit in family lingo.

** Update: Apparently moomin was able to stop with careful use of her front brakes and is now fine. Not only that, she got off, screwed the relevant bit back together and pedalled on to her destination. What a gal.

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  1. I once had my brakes go (or prove to be NBG) going down Streatham Hill. I discovered that the childhood method of trainers on the ground DOES work, though tis mighty scary. And actually trainers on the front wheel works better.

    Note to self: check brakes more often.