Thursday, 22 October 2009

Why I'm reporting you: take two

You drive an enormous articulated lorry through a very busy road. That's not why I reported you.

Last time I saw you you waved and smiled when I got to the front of the traffic queue. That's not why I reported you.

You once stuck your head out of the window of your cab to check I hadn't come down your left-hand-side before proceeding. That's not why I reported you.

When I was in front of you you waited a full five seconds after the lights changed before starting to move so that I could get safely ahead. That's not why I reported you.

You are consistently nice to me as a cyclist and take an interest in protecting me because you know your blind spots are considerable and you don't want to injure me. That's why I rang the company you deliver for and told them you're fabulous.

They've even emailed me back thanking me for emailing and said they'll pass on the message.

1 comment:

  1. Good on you. Pass on the positive karma too - let's encourage the nice drivers to keep at it!