Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The tiny world of central London

I live in zone 4. This means it takes me around an hour and a half to get into central London by public transport. Yesterday though, the scales dropped from my eyes. The big secret is that once you're in central London, nowhere's very far away!

Roger and I have taken the overland train to Paddington before (he likes trains) and bobbed across Hyde Park to Victoria but this time we went to Oxford Street to check out the Cyclodelic gear being sold in Topshop.*

It was crazy traffic heavy but also crazy fun and took about 10 minutes from Paddington to Oxford Street if you take out me getting a bit lost on the way. Who knew that central London was so tiny?! I was scooting around like nobody's business and the most shocking thing is that I then cycled all the way home.

It took nearly an hour and a half but, frankly, it was nicer than barging my way through bank holiday tube crowds and now I feel all self-righteous. I've been converted, I love cycling in central London.

What I hate is the parking. Once you're off the main drag there's bugger all in terms of official cycle racks. Street furniture's lovely but I was lucky I carried two loops AND a D-lock.

*Cyclodelic stuff was quite trendy and far sexier than most ladies' cycle gear but at those prices and a range as wide as a gnat's knee-cap it's a huge missed opportunity. Good for birthday pressies though... hint hint.

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