Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Proof that Reg is a road bike

My dad was impressed.

Dad built his own road bike in his late teens and loved it. Dad and I are similar in that we both love to do silly things like abseil off high buildings and go very fast using small bits of metal on big roads. He's thinking about getting a bike to help his recovery and because he can't drive. I hope he will when he's ready.

If dad likes Reg then he's definitely a naughty piece of boy equipment.

Unfortunately, because Reg is such a honey I refuse to take him on the road nearest my house. they're resurfacing it, and while I gaily threw Roger over such obstacles without a thought, Reg just isn't built for that kind of abuse. It means that I actually walk him 100 yards so he can go on proper road. There is something fundamentally wrong with that surely.

Sigh, if only he wasn't so damn pretty.

I still think I made the right decision in bike choice though as I bumped into a fellow admin of the company's cycling network yesterday while we were both riding into work. He admired Roger and thought he was a good purchase. He rides a similarly roadie hybrid that cost nearly double what I paid for Reg and that was five years ago!

There's love and there's obsession.........


  1. Reg is very pretty. I wonder if he's a little bit gay?

  2. I think he might be, we instantly bonded and he and Roger do seem to be getting on unusually well......