Thursday, 7 May 2009

The new bike, the saga continues....

After loudly asserting my need for a road bike I think I'm going to get a hybrid. Roger's wheels are no longer the even round shape they once were because of the awful roads near me and, frankly, he's comfy and solid with no finicky demands.

He runs better after a good clean but will happily continue his loyalty if I leave him all muddy and neglected. He shrugs off deep potholes and nasty speedbumps and he loves the occasional foray onto grass. That's the kind of bike I want. Not only that but I'm actually considering a lady bike as there's a nippy hybrid that comes in a ladies' extra large. She's pretty but sturdy and would look good with a rack on and possibly some butterfly bars.

I think she'd be a good compromise and a welcome addition to the family. We shall have to see if she's the right fit though. I shall call her emily if she makes the cut.

Roger and I are going into London again tonight. We may cycle all the way home, we may take the train part of the way but whatever we do it'll be quicker than only taking the tube. Every time I ride him now I feel guilty. He doesn't even know what's coming. Sigh.

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