Friday, 15 May 2009

Sniff sniff cycle sniff

I was off work sick yesterday with a horrible cold caught from Mr Weenie.

I got up early yesterday with every intention of going in but realised that the snot wasn't budging and, more tellingly, I couldn't face the cycle in because I felt so ill. It takes a lot for me not to want to cycle in. Even with the remnants of the cold I took Reg in this morning and I believe, having commuted for several years by both bike and public transport, when you're a bit ill bike is definitely best.

There are various health bods who tell you exercise will boost the immune system but I'm actually starting to agree. Obviously when you're really laid up it's a bad idea (yesterday I had many naps and when awake drank my own body weight in water and feel better for it) but I feel progressively rougher as I go in when I take the bus and train whereas cycling makes me feel better. And the snot definitely subsided a bit.

The only things that didn't make me feel good were an idiot driver trying valiantly to climb up my bottom and then beeping when I had to brake hard to avoid a bus randomly pulling out, and my saddle.

Reg's saddle is what my grandma calls a 'bum-numb-er'. It's a boy's and it's a racing-type one. It's hard and thin. I haven't been wearing my padded fanny-pant shorts of late because of the awful weather (if I have to take the tube halfway I'm paranoid it looks like I'm wearing Tena Lady pads to onlookers), and the combination of tiny saddle and lack of padding is becoming a little... ahem... wearing.

I've got a gel cover somewhere, time to look it out methinks.

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