Monday, 18 May 2009

Sun, cycling and a missing cat

My panniers have not yet arrived to be reported on so here's some other news that's far more interesting.....

My sister is the proud owner of one of the world's most beautiful cats, the wee-wee, but he sacrificed many brain cells to be so gorgeous.

She gets back from holiday tonight and, thankfully, her wee-wee will be there to greet her.

My sister and wee-wee moved in with our parents to help out after dad had a bout of ill-health and it's been a battle to keep him indoors ever since. He's a Bengal with no homing instinct and who's very trusting so he can never go outside unaccompanied. My parents' cat Khan, however, was king of the Southall tip for several years and has the nibbled-looking ears of a warrior and the size to match. He rules the local cat community with a paw of iron and defends his right to an outdoor existence with vigour.

Someone, and we can't be sure who, smashed open the blocked up cat flap and on Saturday morning wee-wee was nowhere to be found. We put out posters, we spent hours over the weekend shouting ‘WEE-WEE’ in the local park, knocking on random people’s doors and generally getting frantic. Reg transported me throughout this difficult time and was a great comfort.

Then at 11.45pm last night, one of mum and dad’s neighbours rang saying he was in their garden. I’d spoken to them on Saturday afternoon and they’d decided I’d seemed so distraught that they would ring even though it was late. Mum dashed round but it was too late, Pongo the kitten from three doors down had frightened him off! The neighbour helped her look in the alley but after half an hour they had to give up.

An upset and dishevelled mum trudged back home trying to console herself that he was at least local. But after getting in she thought she’d at least check that the back gate was open in case he came back. And who was sitting outside the gate but the wee-wee!

After a cautious miaow he decided the tuna he was offered by mum was good enough and came trotting in. He was tired and very hungry but otherwise unharmed. Hooray!

Nothing to do with bicycles but what the hey.

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  1. My poor baby! It's not his fault he was born with half his brain missing.