Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The rights and lefts

Yesterday I got beeped and sworn at for being on the very far right of three lanes of traffic. I think the words were along the lines of 'Get out of the f*cking way' and 'Use the f*cking cycle lane' but I can't be sure as the man was inside his nice warm car with the windows shut. I was battling wind and rain in the outdoors and concentrating on the road.

I was on the right side because I was about to turn right, and, as the last person to go through the traffic lights, had used the lack of traffic behind me to cross the lanes a bit earlier than usual rather than having to dodge countless cars, possibly get in lots of people's way and risk life and limb. I'd then tucked in on the far right hand side next to the central embankment rather than take up a full lane so cars could get by easily.

Now, call me crazy, but I don't think I was being unreasonable, I don't think I was in the way, I think that driver should have just tootled round me instead of being rude, I think his swearing over nothing (there was very light traffic and the two other lanes were empty) was incredibly rude and constituted harrassment.

More importantly, I know that he broke the law because horns are only to be used legally if someone's life is in danger, whereas I am not legally obliged to use the cycle lanes provided, particularly when I need to turn right, and did nothing wrong.

What a ****.

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