Friday, 8 May 2009

It is done.

I've ordered Roger's replacement and I feel wretched.

I am a horrible person for loving the new one so much even though he's not yet arrived. Emily was unavailable so Reg made the cut. He's a gorgeous black Specialized Sirrus and I feel like I've abandoned a plodding but reliable lover for someone dangerous but exciting.

Reg is another hybrid but has thinner tires and is a bit racier than Roger so he's the stepping stone to a road bike. I decided that a road bike is just unachievable given the road surfaces near my house. Unlike Roger, however, Reg will have a rack and panniers on top of the legal requirement of lights and a bell , I'll also be buying some winter tights (thank you Ride 2 Work, possibly one of the government's most underrated and fabulous schemes ever).

Although I'm super excited about the new addition to the family I'm also worried about bringing him home. The official line is that Roger is going into semi-retirement as Mr Weenie plans to use him occasionally and I expect I'll also want to from time to time. I worry he'll be left behind, but I'm hoping he'll be ok and enjoy hanging out at home.

I have to pull myself together, walking back from the shop Guns and Roses' 'Don't You Cry Tonight' came on my shuffle and I actually listened to it. And now I'm demolishing a whole pack of cookies.

Sheesh, get a grip girl!

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