Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The new arrival

So last night I picked up Reg, my God it was exciting.

He's got paper thin wheels and is in another league from Roger. He whizzes along, has grip shifts instead of thumb and has toe clips (which I'm slowly getting used to). He's incredibly light (panniers haven't arrived yet) and in the wind it can get a bit dicey.

The wheels being so thin was a bit of a worry at first but I actually feel quite stable even when going slowly and going over speed bumps is not the harrowing experience I anticipated.

That said I wasn't expecting such a radical change. Reg was listed as a hybrid but only his flat handlebars allude to this description. He goes so fast that it can be a bit disconcerting and with a less experienced rider could cause problems.

Joyfully it also means that I'll definitely be using Roger periodically as there are some instances in which Reg will not be a good fit for. Seriously wet roads, high winds and anything remotely off-road will be his domain still.

I love both my boys and although Reg is hugely handsome in a sexy and sleek way, Roger is still my rugged and rough round the edges sweetheart.

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