Wednesday, 26 August 2009

When a lorry driver is better than a cyclist

Now, in certain circumstances it's acceptable to get to the front of the traffic queue even if a lorry's at the front and it's a left or straight on lane.

In this morning's scenario:
  1. There was a cycle lane all the way to the front.
  2. The lorry driver had, very considerately, left the cycle lane clear AND left about another half metre clear on top of that.
  3. The forward section set aside for cyclists was also left clear by the lovely lorry driver.
  4. The light had just gone red and, from experience, I know that this junction has a long wait for green.
  5. I was already close to the front.

So far, so safe. But I hadn't counted on the incredibly inconsiderate cyclist in front of me. He knew that I was behind him, along with another cyclist, as he'd busted a gut to overtake us shortly before the junction. So why, WHY did he decide to go up the side of the lorry at the speed of a snail? Why would you go so slowly knowing you've trapped two cyclists behind you into the lorry's blind spot?

The lorry driver had left a wide corridor for us to go through AND left the forward section clear, so what the hell was he thinking?

The answer, dear reader, was that he wasn't thinking at all, he was just tootling along with absolutely no awareness of anyone else. I lost it somewhat, cleared my throat loudly and aggressively until he got the hint and moved out of the f****** way. I then got right in the middle of the forward section and nodded at the lorry driver to express my appreciation that he'd left so much space for me.

The lorry driver was the hero of this piece, he had acted impeccably. In fact, when I had pushed my way to the front and caught his eye to give him a winning smile, he then gave me plenty of time to get ahead and clear before pulling out.

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