Friday, 28 August 2009

Idiot taxi

S and I arrived at her house triumphant last night but an idiot blew it.

She led all the way home and had signalled, changed lanes and overtaken cars and other cyclists with aplomb. We were slowly making our way down the last road and chatting as we went. I went to turn right into her road when a minicab (silver estate) came haring down the road towards us. I was already halfway across the right-hand lane so continued to cross when he decided to blare his horn and shout 'Come on ladies!!!!!'

Bemused by his attitude I called 'I'm turning right' in case he hadn't seen my signal only for him to shout 'F*** you!' with incredible force and venom before revving his engine and passing me at a hair's width and roaring away.

I've seen aggressive driving but his delivery was particularly vicious and I was incredibly annoyed and offended.

My first thought, however, was the experience's effect on S, who hadn't met with that kind of thing yet. To my immense pride she shrugged it off, looked at me in surprise and said 'Someone's obviously having a bad day' before waving goodbye and wheeling home.

The pupil has become the master......

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  1. *flexes*

    You're not doing much to stop me feeling prematurely smug ;)