Tuesday, 4 August 2009

New shorts

Last night I decided to get some new shorts on the spur of the moment. I ended up spending £20 (!) on a pair of Lycra padded ones by Altura.

To be fair I spent £15 last time and I must say that these ones are a revelation. They're incredibly comfortable without that stretched out feeling over the arse that makes you panic they're going to rip. The padding's more discreet and they were actually more flattering if that's possible.

They're women-specific but my experience of products aimed at ladies is that they're not always that fab frankly. Baggy shorts can be incredibly tight round the waist and loose right at the bottom, lycra can be very tight over the widest bit of your bum and, considering these things are for cyclists they assume you have tiny thighs.

All in all, the new ones were definitely worth the extra fiver and I'll buy that brand again. I'm shouting about it on here because there's nowhere else to shout or look for reviews for lady-specific cycling gear.

Altura Curve shorts: Weenie likes.


  1. But will you be wearing them with pants?

  2. Would't you like to know......

  3. Have you come across www.shecycles.net ? Not quite as good as the old site as no reviews, but people always put stuff up on the forum!