Tuesday, 25 August 2009


This morning I wasn't looking forward to my commute.

I was very tired when Sox slipped past Mr Weenie and invaded the bed at 6.30am. He decided it was time for breakfast and that kneading me awake was a way to get it. When that didn't work he licked my ear and headbutted my face. Then he opted for the lie down on the maid and purr tactic. He purrs like a motorbike and the vibration is incredible.

I finally got up at 7.30am and got his biscuits out. Splodge skipped over and, although a little wary after last night's telling off for bringing two mice in, she too got down to some serious wolfing of biscuits.

I dug out my shorts and packed my panniers, had some breakfast and unlocked Reg. It was a bit chilly and I was knackered, but that's not why I wasn't looking forward to my commute.

Last night my right hip flared up and I was in bed by 9.30pm. Although the pain is more ache than agony, it makes me tired and I should have known it was coming as my left knee has been aching for a couple of days. My body subconsciously shifts my weight to my left side when my right hip is about to flare so, weirdly, the first sign is my 'normal' leg starting to hurt.

Lying around only makes the problem worse and so I had to get on Reg and go to work. I nearly made myself late by putting it off. I swung my leg over and hit the pedals. Managed to get onto the Uxbridge Road only slightly less quick than usual and soon settled into my ride.

The route was the same but the experience was different.

I'm not disabled, not able-bodied, not an eco-warrier but I don't own a car, not a racer but I like speed, I'm a girl who only likes pink on her cycling gear, a soprano who enjoys singing the octave below, in fact, maybe it's just me that's different.

Oh well, enough of this deep thinking, roll on the commute home....


  1. You're not different, darling. You're special x

  2. +1 to only liking pink on the bike. Having conducted Rigorous Science by starting off only wearing black, and then shaving my head last year, I conclude you do actually get more room if you're wearing pink and have girly hair. Also, Primark pink-striped sparkly knee socks are just as cosy as legwarmers and they sparkle in car headlights. This appears to be the One True Way of getting people to overtake with caution and patience.

  3. Oooh, sparkly?! I have, as you have seen, Primark's high-vis yellow knee socks already and have used them to good effect.