Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Mr Weenie and I are moving. We're having to as he desperately needs some office space so he can get his business organised and we were planning on going bigger at some point anyway. We've decided to rent while we sell our flat so we can be chain free.

What's sad about it all is that every property we've viewed has been rated according to CTWP or Cycle To Work Potential. Although the flat we've decided on is actually closer to work, in a nice area and sounds nice (I didn't see it but we had to grab it) my first thought was 'Oh no, I'll only be going about seven miles to work now.' Seriously, how sad am I? Rather than revel in the reduced commute I'm actually disappointed.

Not only that but I'm excited to meet the neighbours because Mr Weenie spotted a Pinarello on one of the other balconies. Pinarellos are a very expensive and swanky bike brand that I was drooling over last week. And he knows it. Plus, one of his major considerations when deciding on the flat was where I would put my bike and whether it was secure. Once he'd confirmed these details I was happy for him to take the flat without me even seeing it.

How priorities change. When we bought our current flat we searched high and low and our primary consideration was being near to transport so I could get around. We had to be very close to shops, we had to have at least three separate ways for me to get to work. Now we need secure bike space, I can cycle from pretty much anywhere within a 15-mile radius of work and the main concession point is that we're a bit farther from a bike shop. Hilarious.

*Update: It's still just over seven miles each way, hooray!


  1. and have you spotted the pinarello?

  2. No, but I finally got to see the flat on Friday and when Mr Weenie pointed out where the Pinarello had been there's was a sexy looking Cannondale. Nice.

  3. You do realise that if your commute is too short it's easy to lengthen it simply by choosing an indirect route.

  4. ...and making sure you wake up early enough to take it!

  5. Indeed, I'm already researching. If I take a route through Kew and Barnes I can lengthen it by a few miles I reckon.