Monday, 3 August 2009

Singing while you cycle

I confess I occasionally sing while cycling. Ok, so I do it all the time.

I no longer wear headphones and I'm learning music for a wedding so I find my self singing away as I pootle along. Cycle hero M had also admitted to this as we were in the same chorus and we discovered we both started singing the Verdi Requiem, Belshazzar's Feast and various other bits and bobs as we pedalled home.

In fact, this morning I was singing the Dies Ira from the Verdi after being moved to get off my bike and move a road sign. There's a diversion near me and every morning they put the temporary sign over the cycle lane. It's clearly visible from the pavement so I got off Reg and moved the damn thing. It was heavy and I had to drag it but I felt righteous. Hence singing day of judgment stuff. Anyhoo, I though M and I were alone in our vocal pursuits.

But we're not the only ones....

This morning a guy shouted 'Hoi!' as I went past. I was startled and a bit mystified. I assumed he'd been criticising my overtaking manouvre and thought nothing of it. But then he caught up with me at the lights and I could hear what sounded like a sea shanty drifting on the breeze. He was merrily singing to himself and, yes, the chorus involved the word 'Hoi!' shouted loudly.

I smiled to myself, overtook him and for the rest of the journey allowed myself to hum just that little bit louder.

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