Monday, 17 August 2009

Dear Samaritans...

I need your advice on dealing with suicidal people.

Every day I see many people who long for death. They throw themselves in front of my bike when walking, those on bikes seek out the blind spots of lorries and run red lights on junctions with no visibility. They swear at big scary men driving tinted out BMWs and they cross lanes without looking.

What should I do?

I often call out to these people, although normally it's not words of comfort but many do not stop, they continue their quest for eternal rest unheeding of my pleas.

I find it sad that so many people crave death and will do so much to hasten it. I quite like my life and I can't sympathise with them. Sigh. Perhaps your organisation, having dealt with many suicidal people could give me some advice on counselling people. I fear my standard retort of 'What the hell are you doing you t**t!' is unhelpful and doesn't offer them the comfort they crave.

Any advice gratefully received.


  1. You want some Samaritans calling cards to hand out? It can be arranged... ;-)
    N xxx

  2. Mwahahahahahahaha! That's be bloody hilarious. Yes please!