Thursday, 20 August 2009

A very proud sister gets her new jersey

Roboat, my younger sister, received an A in her chemistry A-level today. She's been studying at college three nights a week on top of working full time and missed three crucial weeks following dad's stroke. I, for one, am obscenely proud of her but not at all surprised that she smashed the A boundary by scoring 30 points above it.

*Wipes away the tears, clears her throat, and readjusts top in grown-up and non-emotional manner....*

Back on cycling, the Pearl Izumi jersey has arrived. I got an XL even though I'm a size 14 and it fits beautifully. It's long enough, has a flattering sleeve length and is super comfy. I'll definitely be wearing it home tonight.

I bought it because it was on sale and cost me about £25. Normal price it's nearer £50. I'm sure the fabric's high-tech etc but I'm a little surprised by how lightweight it is. For £50 you'd expect something a bit more expensive looking frankly. Hmmmmmmm dunno if I'll ever be a full price shopper when it comes to cycle gear, sales are just too tempting.

Anyhoo, I would post more but I'm still hysterically giggly after the exam result, so more tomorrow!

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