Monday, 27 April 2009

Camping and a killer BMW

Having sore knees and then going camping is a bit of a pants idea. I know this because after being in pain last week I went on a music weekend avec tent.

Ow. My knees are really sore now. My head hurt too for a while but I think that may have been the combination of red wine and Gilbert and Sullivan in quick succession. JAM! BUN! JAM! BUN!

And I'd forgotten the exciting machine gun rattle of rain on a tent. And the intimacy and subsequent awkwardness of impromptu spooning (through sleeping bags) when you slide down the hill into your tent mate while asleep. And the rule of never looking up when you're in the loos or the showers. Eek!

Oh well, at least it ended up being super sunny and it was super fun. Not like this morning. Eugh. I decided to at least go halfway despite the weeing rain and was tootling along in a cycle lane near Northfields when a BMW coming the other way decided to turn a sharp right and nearly hit me. It wasn't totally the car's fault as the Beemer's view was blocked by the very heavy traffic but the driver was going a bit quickly and I did do a bit of a rabbit trick as I braked sharply but because of the wet road surface ended up stopping right in front of the car with my shoe resting on its bumper.

After being sworn at I carried on (very slowly) but I was more than a little shaken. I then stopped for a little bit to recover before heading off because I was a little wobbly. I was then late for work, which is a bit rubbish.


  1. Re. the spooning - have you considered sleeping with your feet down hill? Then you just slide gently out the door and it avoids all the embarrassment....

  2. Ah.... none so cunning as she at avoiding this intimacy