Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A new addition and the road-hybrid dilemma

A new bike is in the offing and I think I want a roadie. But Mr Weenie is adamant that I should just get a better hybrid.

I love Roger, let me make that clear, but the fact is that I go on his top gear a lot and could probably go faster than he can. Plus I do almost exclusively road cycling after the canal incident.

My other problem is that I've fallen for a bike that costs just over £500. Hmmmmmm, the reaction to trying it out was almost sexual.

Mr Weenie's arguments that road wheels may buckle on the crappy asphalt I'm forced to ride on, that they're less stable than hybrids and may be more dangerous and that the kind of person who falls into canals shouldn't have a bike with paper thin wheels are valid. But.....


I want a bike that goes faster, I'm considering doing a charity ride sometime in the future that may need that kind of bike and I WANT ONE.

I may compromise on a cheaper road bike and some accessories for Roger for when I'm doing slower but longer distances. I'll let you know.

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