Thursday, 23 April 2009

Bugs - An annoyance or free protein on the go?

They hit you in the face, bounce off your extremities, get caught in your helmet, buzz past your ears and, occasionally, get swallowed.

Yes, 'tis the season for bugs. Eugh!

I'm not really scared of big fat bumbly bees. They tend to be hugely drowsy and bounce off harmlessly if they get in your way. It's the little tiny greenflies and midges that I hate. They get on your eyes, they land on your face and tickle you as they crawl about and they love to get in your mouth. It's fairly gross if you think about the fact you're eating creepy crawlies but I choose to imagine I'm just following in the footsteps of many indigenous peoples who eat insects as a valuable source of protein. and you don't even have to stop to eat them. McDonald's eat your heart out, food desn't get any faster than this.

On a more serious note, I still haven't decided on the form of my next bike but I've decided that I can't buy one just to spite Mr Weenie so will be trying out many before making a final decision. He'll definitely be called Reg though.

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