Friday, 24 April 2009

Chump at a bus stop and my crappy body


This morning I took public transport all the way to work for the first time in months. and I hated it. The wait for the bus was horrible even though it wasn't for long. I felt like a chump. I kept catching myself working out how far I could have cycled while waiting. Sigh.

One reason for using mass transit was that I'm going away this weekend and need to leave straight from work. The other reason is that my knee is killing me.

I have a hip problem that means I fall over a lot and have a funny gait. This causes knee and ankle problems because I walk weirdly and, when I fall, it's often onto my knees or involves turning my ankle. Funnliy enough, I'm actually more stable on a bike than walking. I've fallen off my bike once in a year and a half (the great canal odyssey) and I find my hip likes cycling more than walking. But my knee's less content and feels a bit like a hinge that's been overly loosened. I hit a pothole yesterday, jarred my knee and actually cried out because it hurt so much. It's pants.

Am wearing a hugely sexy compression tubie bandage today, which gives me a Frankenstein's monster-style lurch or makes me look like I'm attempting the Fiddy Cent "I've been shot" limp. Loving it.

I'm hoping a weekend off two wheels will give the knee a rest and ensure my reunion with Roger is less painful. Those you love the most can hurt you the most.... so true.

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