Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Courtesy bings

Should overtaking involve courtesy bings? It's a serious issue and can't be taken lightly.

I'm for binging but I acknowledge it's not always practical. Technically a legal requirement for road bikes is a bell so we should all be capable of binging. So why don't people do it?

I've nearly hit many a cyclist who has whizzed past in the guise of silent death as a tootle along. If a courtesy bing had been provided death would not have come so close. A friend came a cropper this morning because she wasn't aware of a fellow cyclist attempting to overtake. Because of sod's law, she came off and he didn't.

I often bing pedestrians on cycles tracks to warn them of my approach and to tell them to move the hell out of the way because they're taking all the motherf*cking space. Somehow a bing is so much more genteel than articulating such thoughts....

In other news Roger may be expanding his travel experience to the wilds of High Wycombe. He loves trains.

Oh and Mr Weenie's laughing at my red and puffy progress up local hills is NOT appreciated. Harumph.

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