Thursday, 16 April 2009


Cyclists get a mixed reception wherever we go but I've witnessed polar opposites recently.

The good:
Funnily enough, those at bus stops seem to be lovely to me at the moment. Last night an accident or similar meant the traffic on the main road near me was completely stationary. The buses are every 20 minutes and there were FIVE in various stages of their journey sitting in the jam. (Yes I felt smug whizzing past the cars, mwahahahahaha!)

I got stuck behind one of the buses as it tried to pull out of the stop and was surrounded by the passengers that had been dumped off it because it was 'running late'. To my surprise, a couple of said passengers actually chatted to me while I waited and there was no laughing. An elderly lady did ask for a lift on the cross bar but I pleaded health and safety.

The bad:
Because of the rain I was forced onto the tube halfway this morning (I wear glasses and when it really tips down I'm blinded). Oh why did I wear my lycra short shorts this morning? Why did I go out with hair already massively greasy and looking like I'd been shagged five ways through Sunday? (I hadn't unfortunately.) Why the yellow jacket and road spatter going up my bottom crack?

Getting on the train, the reaction was one of disbelief and disgust. Many noses were sniffed and open gawking at my bare knees was considered totally appropriate. I wasn't even on Roger but I was a marked lady.

What made it worse was that I really resented taking the tube. Unfortunately, having commuted for our and half years before getting Roger I feel like a chump when I take public transport, maybe that was radiating to my fellow passengers.

The ugly?
I'm choosing to belief the teenagers who shout "Feel the burn!" and occasionally jog alongside shouting "Whoop!" and "Come on baby!" as a I chug up the last massive hill before home are being supportive....

PS: Have just seen an ambulance cyclist (yes they exist) cycling along with his helmet hanging off his handlebars!!!!!! Outrageous.

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