Friday, 19 February 2010

The joy of contacts

I used to wear contact when singing but haven't for years. I just couldn't be bothered.

Heavy rain a couple of weeks ago though made me rethink the issue. The fact is that glasses are not ideal when it's weeing with rain. I stop regularly to wipe mine off but I know many people don't and I don't like the way the water can alter your perspective on curved lenses.

So I decided to give monthlies a go and, if successful, I may well wear those ones you wear for weeks at a time.

Last night I was put to the test, it was tipping it down.

I already own a pair of specialist cycle glasses that came free with a Wiggle order. CC had been borrowing them during the snow. Last night I put my contacts in, put my glasses on and off I went.

What a revelation. My vision was far better and, although I still had to do a quick stop-and-wipe periodically, the specialist glasses are designed to stop the water running down your forehead into your eyes (so you don't get water on the inside) and the water slides off the lenses far more easily. So, in fact, I could wipe them when already stopped at traffic lights when the lack of motion meant steam off my skin misted them up.

Mr Weenie says it's a bit weird to see me without glasses but, hopefully, he just means it's the classic film thing of me letting down my hair and taking off my glasses and suddenly turning into Megan Fox. Fingers crossed.


  1. Ugh...I hate wearing glasses. Used to wear contacts too...but (a)had allergic reaction and irritation to them; and (b)previous line of work in a organic chemical lab meant that the solvent vapour dissolved contacts...(more allergy and irritation issues).

    So, anyway, haven't worn them since as they seem like such a hassle now...but I hate glasses too...

    Have you or would you consider laser treatment to correct your vision? I'm too scared to go for that option.


  2. I'm not eligible for laser surgery as my eyesight's still unstable but I'd consider it in the future. I know a couple of people who have had it and they rave about it.

    It grosses me out that you stay conscious though, eugh.

  3. yep it's the whole staying awake while they slice a layer of your eyeball away thing...that and the slight possibility of something going wrong...

  4. My other half wears contacts for sport, glasses the rest of time. Says it just works better! She has just got daily's after couple of years of monthlies so its less of an issue when they get wet. She does commute in glasses though as its only a couple of miles so doesn't need contacts every day.