Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Come on girls and boys.... dress me!

After yesterday's clearly inflammatory reference to jeggings I've decided to use my limited and tiny fame for purely selfish means.....

Where the hell can I find some cheap, long tunic/long t-shirts to wear when I cycle?

Lycra is all very well on a weekday commute and long-distance, but when I'm out and about on the weekend I'm a Cyclechic pannier, black leggings and long top kind of gal. But I can't find nice, long tunic-style tops anywhere. Lots of long jumpers, no long tops. Even my usual stalwart of Primarni has failed me. Everything long enough is TIGHT (trust me, only capital letters adequately convey just how tight).

As pointed out yesterday by both myself and others leggings only really work if the lady bit area is covered. Frankly only a gynaecologist should have to see that. (Girl I saw yesterday in Hammersmith in the fully sequinned leggings and crop top take note.)

Frankly, given the massive publicity surrounding getting women to cycle I find it a little shocking that none of the high-street brands has jumped on the bandwagon and put together some combos that are bike-friendly and fashionable.

Then again, perhaps to be truly fashionable one can't be practical. Look at Christian Lacroix, eek!

Update: Check out H&M girls!!!!!!!!!! Thank you CC for the recommendation.


  1. Depends on your budget really... Monsoon has some gorgeous tunics. More expensive than Primarni, but not really all that much, especially if you will get a lot of wear out of them.
    N xx

  2. I shall look again, last time they were a little on the short side.

  3. Hah to all people with exposed camel toes in leggings...truly disgusting I agree!

    Have you tried Uni Qlo? They have awesome long tops which are not tight...especially if you go up a size or two. Plus, if they are of the t-shirt variety, you can wear it with a long top underneath.

    Another suggestion is to look for men's tops...can be equally attractive, especially paired with some boots and a belt to 'clench' in the waist.

    Failing that...there are so many blogs out there to do with style (something which I clearly lack)...have a look at those...can get some good ideas from other people.


    p.s. ohh...also forgot to mention Gap...they have a thing for baggy tunics...and you can cycle in them too...I have!

    Good luck and do update when you have found something.

  4. Gosh, someone's had a similar dilemma!