Friday, 12 February 2010

So not the right time for a fire drill

My new flat has no outdoor space at all really and I have nowhere to clean him. But I have found a solution.

Therefore, those of you who read my regular moans about just how filthy he is can now breath a sigh of relief.

At work we have a car park that's exclusively the company's as we use the whole building (several in fact). This car park is where the bike shelters are and has a couple of drains. It also has an outdoor tap.

I asked facilities the other day if I could have a bucket and explained that, having nowhere else, I'd like to clean my bike in the car park. The next day a blue plastic bucket arrived with a new sponge, a shammy AND some industrial cleaner (I used my Muc off but it was a kind thought).

I decided yesterday would be the day. We were going to press so I would take my lunch late and minimise the number of people witnessing my scrub-fest.

Down I toddled I got to work. It was a bit chilly but there's a section that's sheltered from the wind and catches the sun so Reg was tipped upside down and I scrubbed away. It took some time to dislodge the various disgusting crud that was all over him but just as I was finishing... WawaWawaWawaWawa.

Oh God, it's a fire drill.

Out trooped most of the company, witnessing me scrabbling to get all the cleaning supplies back into the bucket and get Reg upright. I then had to walk him to the meeting area as I didn't have time to lock him up and was unwilling to leave him unlocked in a deserted car park.

I withstood the ribbing from colleagues and, once we returned to the building, finished the job and he's now squeaky clean.

Oh the shame. But he is very pretty.


  1. Awesome timing. Hurrah for a clean bicycle. I did my best to clean mine over the weekend, but found some bits very difficult to get to. Sponge and a toothbrush? Any other tools of the trade you suggest?

  2. Muc-Off is a brand developed to remove bike crud and I've found it's quite good. I use a good stiff brush as well as the toothbrush and sponge and, if you don't have muc-off, hot water and fairy liquid!

  3. How lovely that they provided all that for you!

  4. I know, they're good lads in facilities.