Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Snap bracelets in violent pink!

I, like many in their mid-twenties, vividly remember the advent of the snap bracelet.

How the owners were envied as they magically took a seemingly solid straight piece of plastic and tapped it into a round bracelet. I begged my parents for them and they, cruelly, pointed out that they were pointless tat. But now I'm a grown up, and I have TWO!

Yes, I managed to find some fabulous ones by Ronhill in a violent and vivid reflective pink.

While cycling home recently I ended up behind my mum's car as she drove home and my older sister noticed that, although she could see my body in the white jersey and they yellow Sam Browne tabard, the black base layer I wore underneath meant no one could see me signal.

I try to signal all the time and it bothered me. So snap bracelets are actually a great way to combat this. One round each wrist and you're away.

Pointless tat indeed!


  1. haha snap-thingies...a staple want of anyone our age (26 is still mid 20's...at least for another year!).
    My mother had pretty much the same response as yours...I did eventually get one though...I think it may have been saved up pocket money and a sneaky trip to the local Toy Stack with the babysitter... :)

    As for signalling and not being seen...have you tried a long sleeved high vis wind breaker or jacket?

  2. I'm also a fan of the hi-vis snap bracelets. Very handy for allowing drivers to see you signaling.

    I've also got a pair I use as anklets, so drivers can see me pedalling (as my clipless pedals lack reflectors - technically illegal after dark but with added anklets I doubt it really matters)

  3. I have a long-sleeved high-vis jacket but when I take it off I have a black wool base layer I wear with short-sleeved jerseys, hence why my arms became invisible. And of course 26 is mid-twenties (I'm 27).

  4. Anklets?! Maybe I could buy two more.......