Monday, 8 February 2010

I nearly forgot, hurray for rugby!

So the Six Nations is back and started up this weekend.

Fr me the frontrunners are Scotland at the moment. Lovely, not too bruised and sexy accents. Checking out their squad pictures on the official RBS site the ratio of attractive normal-looking but muscly men to comedy enormous people was very encouraging.

If England get Ben Cohen back into the squad then they may win out in the hotness stakes but for now the Scots are the ones. They come a close second however. Johnny Wilkinson's a little too blonde for me but I must admit that his speaking French in the pre-match interview did raise him somewhat in my estimations. But where on earth has Sackey gone? His mini-dreds and cheeky smile have brightened up many a game for me. Plus he can run very fast on legs of hewn hardwood. Mmmmmmm

The French were hugely disappointing in the totty stakes. Although S├ębastian Cheval is not exactly beautiful, he does have magnificent legs and his absence was noted. Michelak came on briefly, but again, the legs are his primary feature.

The Irish didn't even make a dent in my consciousness I'm afraid, neither did Italy. Italian men have never really been my cup of tea and their rugby team plays this out unfortunately. Wales have a guy with a shock of hair on the front row and that took my attention for most of the match meaning I missed out on perving Welsh-style.

Anyhoo, let's see how we go eh?

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