Thursday, 18 February 2010

What to wear?

This morning, like many women, I was torn over what to wear.

Hmmmmmm, should I go practical? Perhaps the pink? But those leggings make my bum look big, even if they are warm and snuggly. Sigh, it's all so complicated.

In the end I plumped for my winter fleecy leggings with high waist, my rather slinky black wool base layer with a short-sleeve jersey in pink, black and white, a reflective yellow tabard just in case I took my jacket off part-way, and, over the top, a yellow high-vis jacket with bikers' stripe up the back for that authentic cyclist look.

Feeling good and looking fine I slinked my way out of the door with accessories (Reg and my panniers) in black and red to hint at vampish undertones.

Yes, I've been reading far too many fashion columns.

1 comment:

  1. I looked so fabulous this morning. The shiny tones of my black leggings and my in-yer-face acid yellow hi-vis were totally 80's, and perfectly complimented my frog-green bike. I pulled the look together with an adorable 'distressed chic' mud-spattered messenger bag and a retro bike helmet, which in no way resembles a child's lunch box.

    By the time I arrived at work I'd completed the look with a splash of colour to my face - mud and grit are soooo now.