Wednesday, 30 September 2009

You, in the penguin-like body condom...

You're often on the Tour de Commute on the Uxbridge Road on your gorgeous expensive-looking bike and your black and white racing kit and cleats. You go very fast actually and I'm impressed by that. You have nice equipment, I envy it.

So it's a pity you're a t**t.

When there are five slowish people climbing a short hill on a very narrow stretch of road in heavy traffic you wait for a good time to overtake (as I was doing). You do NOT overtake them so closely they're nearly crushed against the 18-foot bendy bus they're overtaking. You do NOT then do the same thing to the others in the queue.

I'm sorry we were going a mere 15mph but it's a commute, it's not a f****** race. Get over yourself.

Oh and the white bits of your shorts highlight your other, more... ahem... physical, inadequacies.

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