Friday, 11 September 2009

The fairy can f off

I got ANOTHER puncture this morning.

I'd barely wheeled Reg out of the door when I realised. I always give my tyres a quick pinch before I set off and the back on was decidedly squidgy. Yes the back one, AGAIN. The one that's trickier to get off, trickier to put back and that always seems to end up rubbing the brakes so I have to get off again a mile later to realign it.

I nearly just pedalled off hoping it was a slow one but decided I had to check it. Thank goodness I did as the hole was quite large. No sign of the culprit even though I checked the tyre thoroughly. I found the corresponding hole but no object.

Although I was very annoyed about it all and it made me really late it was gratifying that I worked as I grumbled and had the confidence this time to just get on with it.

An elderly man passed me on the pavement and gave me a good stare before giving a cheerful nod and a hat-lift. Two young women posting leaflets beamed at me and talked in an eastern European language about what I was doing (I can't speak it but they were pointing). And a teenager on her way to school smiled shyly.

All of them were very interested in what I was actually doing and I think it's because so few people know how to do it. I was performing magic obviously.

The repair seems to have held into work and I reckon it'll be fine.

That fairy can bugger off though. Friendly smiles just don't make up for it I'm afraid.

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  1. Is it a stock broker?

    Is it a quantity surveyor?

    Is it a magazine editor?

    No! It's Bicycle Repair Person!