Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Happy days and marshmallow caterpillars

Fortunately for her friends, family and self S completed her first solo commute unscathed last night and got home safe and sound.

Unfortunately for me and my faithful readers it means there's little to blog about in terms of exciting cycle news.

However, off topic but equally important is my discovery of M&S Colin the Caterpillar marshmallows. Billed as 'He is what he eats' they're developed on the premis that he's eaten chocolate, strawberries and vanilla and the caterpillars are in segments of these flavours at random. Mmmmmmmmmmm

I am currently dealing with the stress of having moved house, a horrendous week at work and my looming 27th birthday. But, magically, marshmallow caterpillars are having a Prozac effect. Hooray!

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