Friday, 4 September 2009

I'll take the high horse...

S and I were pootling along this morning. We were chatting as we went as there was very little traffic and we had a bus lane to ourselves while the few cars around had two lanes to play with and any cyclists had lots of room to overtake.

Imagine my shock then when a woman came past and muttered loudly 'You're cycling like idiots!' before wobbling away.

I say wobbling because we've passed her before and she cycles in a very low gear and often wobbles while pedalling madly. S and I shrugged it off and continued. I was a bit annoyed as this particular woman runs red lights, wobbles and weaves and is, generally, quite selfish in her cycling. Plus she actually doesn't go that much quicker than we do. I know because I see her frequently.

I tried to forget about it, but at the next very busy junction she was there and was attempting the run the red light. I say attempting because she got ahead of the stop line and was forced to stop as a car came hurtling across (which it had every right to do as it had a green). She then tried again and I don't know what she did to her gears but she was pedalling like a woman possessed and going absolutely nowhere. She wobbled so badly at one point I thought she was going to tip over, weaved all over the lane and finally reached the other side.

Needless to say S and I had to work hard not to guffaw loudly. We didn't entirely succeed.

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