Monday, 14 September 2009

999 cat rescue

Since my previous post about Mr Handsome's leap of death was so popular I thought I'd better document The Fat One's recent escapade.

I work a second job on Saturdays teaching small children the love of music so Mr Weenie was at home alone with the pusses while doing some paperwork. A knock at the door roused him from his work thoughts. A neighbour was at the door and said 'I think your cat's stuck on the roof. She's really loud.'

Mr Weenie, puzzled headed onto the balcony and was hit with a barrage of 'Miaow!'

She was indeed on the roof and was refusing to come down. He climbed on boxes, shook the biscuit bag and came perilously close to falling several time but to no avail. She disappeared at one point. He started to panic but heard 'She's having a wee on the other side'. Turning round he saw that most of the neighbours from the neighbouring block had come put to see the rescue and were now watching as The Fat One weed on the roof.

One shouted 'It's like 999 cat rescue!' before giggling. The Fat One kept coming close to Mr Weenie but wouldn't come down. He went back inside to ponder his next move when a loud and ungainly crashing sound came from the balcony. She'd jumped down, unharmed, after causing him massive embarrassment. Charming. He's not sure but he's sure one of the neighbours applauded.

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