Monday, 7 September 2009

Doing my bit to improve the roadie image

On a lot of cycle forums roadies get a bad rep.

They're unfriendly, they're snobs, they never say hello etc etc.

I got chatting to a nice guy on the Uxbridge Road the other night when it was incredibly windy. Wind is a great leveller and Reg's speedy road frame was being blown around while this guy's MTB was too heavy to build speed. So we ended up chatting for a while as we bobbed along home.

After he turned off home with a cheery wave it suddenly struck me that I was the opposite of the stereotype. I may be a roadie but I'm often the person who strikes up a conversation, I offer to stop and help various people with flats and mechanicals and I often smile and wave at small children who shout 'Bicycle!' as I pass.

I'm a one-woman PR exercise, pushing for the remarketing of roadies as nice people.

Thin tyres, big heart.

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