Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Yet another 'why are women so rubbbish at cycling' article

This time it's the Guardian Bike Blog.

The topic is valid (why are more women being hit by HGVs in the London even though they're the minority of cyclists). AND my comment got lots of recommends.

However, I'm sick of this victim-like approach to reporting on female cyclists. The whole 'I'm frightened', 'Cars will beep at me', 'Wobbling around' attitude, personified by Petronella Wyatt, is just so boring. Not to mention offensive. Yes there are some women out there who are nervous, but so are a lot of the men I pass every day.

When will a national newspaper have the balls to publish an article by a confident, competent woman cyclist?

My regular readers will know I cycle around 100 miles a week on-road and am fairly new to the cycling game. Am I a hero? No. I'm just trying to get to work and can't drive.


  1. It is tiresome. Your comment was great on the guardian was great too. Maybe Boris's "cycling revolution" will do something. There's been a noticeable increase in cycling traffic on the roads in London this year - the more of us there are, the more voice we have.

  2. Thanks! I knew I wasn't alone in thinking the coverage has been rubbish. The constant media barrage saying women are too timid and crap cyclists makes the problem worse. Grrrrrr