Friday, 28 May 2010

It's taken me a couple of days to notice the new transport minister... and it appears he's a nobber

Oh dear. According to an interview with the Evening Standard it would appear he's too scared to cycle in London but, at the same time, thinks cyclists aren't aware of the dangers. Hmmmmmm

'Perhaps they need wingmirrors'? For what? To be distracted by instead of learning behind properly?

He's frightened by the way 'we' pull out around other cyclists 'unaware of the car behind' is he? Perhaps he should be more scared of the cars behind 'us' cyclists who refuse to acknowledge our signals as we pull out and seem intent on running us over for having the audacity to cycle quickly. These are often the same cars whose drivers berate others for going too slowly.

There there dear, get into the cool dark interior of your Jag and it will all go away.

Lady Julian has done a magnificent post on this subject, enjoy.

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