Friday, 7 May 2010

Congratulations Steve Pound...

He's managed to hold the Ealing North seat.

I'm not a huge Labour fan, but I do like Steve Pound, he knows everyone and gives a genuine s*it about his constituents. He was untouched by the expenses scandal as he hadn't done anything wrong and any MP secure enough in his manhood to dress as a Cheeky Girl at a parliamentary event is a good egg in my books.

With a hung parliament upon us and the ensuing mess I'm genuinely pleased that at least one decent MP is in place.

Edit: My goodness, he increased his percentage by 3.5%! Class act.

Unfortunately the BNP also stood and got 1,045 votes. They came fourth out of seven parties.


  1. Also, Steve Pound is one of a very small number of Labour MPs to increase his percentage of the vote.

    I'd say that's a ringing endorsement and good on him.

    (Nearby Ealing Southall, my electorate, is a Labour Hold, but the MP actually dropped about 8% and Conservatives swung up 11%)

  2. Ooh, interesting. I did think it was unusual he'd gained (albeit a tiny amount).

  3. At least the BNP lost all of their seats. They may have received votes, but relatively few, which is something to be grateful for! Labour continued its 38 year run down here in Lewisham!

  4. So true, they all lost their deposits.

    Looks like Labour have taken back Ealing council as well now!

  5. The BNP did not lose all their deposits. Well done to the BNP candidate in Ealing North for beating UKIP, the Greens and the Christian Party. Looking at the number of votes cast at the last general election in 2005, the Lib Dem vote decreased by 30% and the Green Party vote decreased by 60%.

  6. They did lose all their deposit in Ealing I would imagine though (the s was a regrettable typo), and I must concede they came fourth out of seven but 1,045 votes to Steve Pound's 24,023 is hardly worth a celebration surely...