Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Trackstands and leaf blowers

Hi guys, yes you, the ones with the trackstand attempts.

Let me let you in on a secret people: that whole attempting to stand upright on a wobbly stationary bike; the slow creeping forward that's made at least two of you fall over in front of me; that super extension of the neck and swivelling motion to see all junctions; the sudden halt as a car comes haring round the corner; the near misses with cars; the being sworn at by drivers; all of it can be avoided.

Yes, wait until the light's green and you can cross the junction without all that palarva. Simples.

Oh and Mr Council Road Cleaner Man, thanks for cleaning the streets, but using your leaf blower to direct the dust, dried flowers and leaves and road crud right into my face? Not cool.


  1. Also my pet hate, especially when they do the trackstanding right in front of me (even when I was at the lights first) and then they are so slow in taking off that I have to wait for them. Grrr. It's the fixie riders that are the worst. I note that lycra road racers who do it tend to not have to juggle back and forth to balance and they also have better manners and know their place in the queue.

  2. Indeed, fashionable fixies who can't cycle properly are soooo annoying. Some of them are actually very good cyclists but, as always, it's the crap minority that ruin it for everyone.