Thursday, 23 September 2010

Yet more unfriendliness on the trains....

Last night I had the good fortune to sit next to a rather dashing young man and his weenie baby daughter while waiting for a train. He looked about 19 and was dealing with a full nappy situation.

Having drawn attention to myself by exploding hot chocolate all over my top, we chatted as he changed her. First baby, six weeks old, he was finding it all rather exciting but hard work. After successfully changing her, I was full of praise, he did it like a pro, he gave her a bottle.

However, just as he was busy feeding her, holding the bottle with his chin, picking up his shopping and putting it in the pram with his spare hand, the train was announced as arriving. A look of panic flashed across his face.

'Are you getting this train?' I asked.

'Ummm, I'm meant to be,' was the reply.

I of course offered to get the pram (it was huge) onto the train for him so that he could continue to feed small baby. The look of relief on his face was beautiful to behold. I swept selfish commuters out of our path and we both got on. After a burping baby was ready to go back in the pram and was cooed over by fellow train goers.

There were loads of other commuters on the platform and they must have heard our conversation. No one else offered to help and a surprising number actually got in our way as we attempted to board the train. They moved in front of the pram as the train pulled in. What really took the biscuit though was the t**t who decided that, as the train was so packed and there were very few handholds he would just hang onto the back of the pram. Every time the train wobbled his weight was on the back of the pram and the baby got joggled.

New dad was being very patient and didn't say anything. I didn't feel it was my place but I was livid.

Why are people so selfish and rude? Why?!?!?!?!


  1. I'm so glad I don't have to take the tube anymore...five years to and from uni was more than enough.

    I think taking the tube for long enough turns you cruel...must be something in the air down there. It's also mostly the tall men in ugly pinstriped suits with hard briefcases. :(

  2. I'm hoping I can hold off and remain lovely!