Thursday, 16 September 2010

Some people have way too much time on their hands...

I know not everyone's a fan of banks but whoever pulled this morning's stunt is, I reckon, just a bit sad.

I walked 10 minutes from Paddington to the nearest dock with bikes in it. A guy having problems with his key grumbled about it amiably and I sympathised. We shared our stories of key woes and then he laughed while I was mid-sentence. I pride myself on my wit but this seemed over the top.

'Who the hell has done that?!' he exclaimed, pointing, puce faced, at the rear of my chosen bicycle.

On each side, above the word 'Barclays' someone had put a sticker with the word 'F*ck' on it. Not just on my bike, but on every one in the rack. We looked at each other, incredulous. Then we giggled.

I know some people have a serious issue with Barclays having logos plastered all over the cycle hire bikes but, as a tax payer, I' really don't care that the scheme is sponsored if it means that, by extension, fewer public pounds are spent on what I think is a fabulous service for London.

I also know people hate banks, I am one of them, but I'm not going to cycle past children in a public park (my route is through Hyde Park, which often has families in it, even at the early hour I'm there) with 'F*ck' for all to see.

Finally, these people make me feel like a time waster. What on earth have I been doing in my mornings to prevent me too having the time to get high-quality stickers printed in Barclays blue before going out and having them on bikes before commuters collect them at 8am?

Clearly these people don't have cats to tend to or washing to do...


  1. Meh...I knew it was only a matter of time (very short) before the bikes were defaced in some way.

    It's sad the way people treat public property here in London. :(

  2. What makes me laugh though is the hysterical media reaction today. A lot of media outlets are making out that the bikes were damaged. The stickers were easy peel ones, like you get for car windows. Didn't even leave a residue when I took them off the bike I was on.

  3. Boris did it to keep the momentum of media interest

  4. It's not completely inconceivable as an idea.....