Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A thousand considerations

When cycling in London there are so many things to consider as you pedal about town.

Has that cab seen me?

Is that road two way for cycles?

Is that pig on a racer going to get out of my way or continue to attempt an overtake on someone going the same speed as him?

Why do people not notice my bright yellow reflective belt?

Why does that guy look familiar?

Who is he?

Oh, is it the police biker man from the night rides?

It is!


It was indeed one of the night riders from my beloved FNRttC. We cycled together only briefly but it was lovely to see a familiar face. It was also fitting that we parted at the turn off to Hyde Park Corner, where our night-time cycling adventures begin.

Among cyclists there seems to be less of the awkwardness associated with seeing someone you know on public transport. If one person is really not fancying a chat they can just pedal harder an say they're in a rush. On a train you can be sardined next to someone for hours and when the small talk dries up, it can get awfully quiet.

Luckily, Mr Policeman and I were at an accord and both pleased to see each other so we matched speeds and had a quick gossip while still getting to our destinations on time.



  1. Ooh a chat and cycle when the weather is nice is awesome...also seems to have balances all the negatives of cycling in London.

    Saw so many people cycling two astride and chatting today...made me feel somewhat of a cycling loner...but the weather made up for that. :)

  2. It has been glorious hasn't it, just the right temperature and beautifully clear.

  3. spoke too soon for it rained this morning...totally horrid and sticky!